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Sound Design & Adaptive Music
is everything!

Sound isn’t just an add-on; it’s the heartbeat of every game. Every epic quest, intense battle, and monstrous roar is incomplete without the perfect soundscape and score. Ready to make your game unforgettable? Let’s make some noise together!

I'm currently a Sound Designer for Kinetic Games.

Incredibly excited to work with the team on the hit horror co-op game Phasmophobia, creating memorable soundscapes and haunting effects as we approach full release!

Game Audio Design | Christina Stanley-Webb
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I'm ready to embark on a legendary quest to forge an auditory masterpiece for your game. I have unlocked plenty of my skill-tree, and bring a passion to learn more.

Stats include +10 fine-tuned ear for detail, +8 storytelling prowess, and +9 for friendly Anglo-Texan demeanour. Interested? Let me know.

Designing Sound

Music Composition

Sense of Humour

Audio Design Specialist

My tailored audio design skills are all about elevating game experience: making every character, environment, and storyline pulse with auditory magic. Recruit me to your party and let’s create something epic together!

Sound Effect Creation

Imagine your game’s stories and visuals amplified by the perfect audio. Each meticulously-crafted sound propels players into a world where characters are not just seen, but deeply felt, where environments beg to be explored. Whether it’s the tangible realism of a bustling city or the ethereal echoes of a fantasy world, I seamlessly integrate sounds that enhance every moment, tailored uniquely to your game’s unique style.

Wwise Implementation

Seamless integration of complex audio into gameplay. Sounds are meticulously mapped, ensuring adaptive audio that responds intuitively to player actions and game environments.

Adaptive Music

Composing music that’s as responsive as the gameplay itself, responding to in-game actions, environments, and scenarios, elevating the immersive atmosphere.

Innovative Foley

Using everyday objects in inspired ways to create rich, detailed sounds to add depth and realism to any project.

Monster SFX

I can blend walrus with tiger, add a touch of synth and drop the pitch to create unsettling roars and chilling screams.

Voice & DX

Directing, recording and integrating performance to turn your assets into memorable characters.

Weapons SFX

From guns to sword-play, designing impactful and realistic audio to enhance the authenticity of in-game weaponry.

More about Christina.

I am a sonic artist based in the UK. I am a passionate sound designer and adaptive music composer for games, creating unforgettable experiences primarily in Unity with Wwise. I am a classically-trained pianist, a singer-songwriter and professional noise-maker, having just completed a Master of Fine Arts in Game Audio & Music.

Audiokinetic Wwise Audio Implementation| Christina Stanley-Webb
Christina gets to work

Wwise Wrangler

Christina can design & integrate Wwise systems for your Projects.

Game Music Composition & Trailer Music
Interactive or Linear Scores

Music Maker

Christina composes adaptive music for your original game soundtrack.

Field Recording and Foley | Christina Stanley-Webb
Field Recording in a Van

Sound Finder

Christina is equipped to record environments, foley, even sheep.


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